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Meet The Megaformer

Hollywood trainer Sebastien Lagree’s MEGAFORMERS will transform the way you think about exercise and transform your body in ways you never imagined. These one-of-a-kind machines utilize slow, controlled movements that place muscles under constant tension but with NO impact, leaving every inch of your body



At Transform Fitness Studio we proudly feature the newest models of Megaformers: the M3S, designed to push your body to new limits.

FACT: The Megaformer workout is built around the concept of muscle exhaustion, which occurs when muscles are under constant tension and worked outside of their comfort zone. THIS is where CHANGE happens! The Lagree method focuses on strengthening your slow twitch muscle fibers. You’ll move very slowly through each challenging exercise, feeling every inch you move and every second that goes by so you have total awareness of your body. There is no momentum and no impact on joints, only specific and controlled muscle contraction. This is where the shaking, sweating, and fat burning really begin! The only thing we do fast in class is transition from one position to the next, making sure our muscles don’t get to rest until they are maxed out. You will work your whole body in one 45 minute session, resulting in improved muscle endurance and efficiency, core strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, and a lean sculpted look. You’re welcome 😉

FACT: Each 45-minute class burns hundreds of calories by keeping your heart rate and intensity high. A great cardio workout.

FACT: A complete full-body workout strengthening your legs, abs, arms and upper body.

FACT: The Megaformer workout is impact free on your joints and tendons.

FACT: At Transform Fitness, we will strengthen your core, keep your heart rate racing, sculpt muscle, improve your balance and flexibility, and tone your body like no other workout ever has.

FACT: Our instructors (or, as we like to call them, Transformers) are all Lagree Fitness Certified, and are here to ensure that you feel mentally and physically stronger with each and every class.

FACT: The Megaformer is NOT a pilates machine and we do not teach pilates on it. The Megaformer was born from the well known pilates reformer more than 10 years ago, but has been evolved and advanced into a multi-functional strength training machine. The workout is intense and not meant for physical therapy or rehabilitation purposes.


This video is on older machines, but will give you an idea of the intensity and exercises...