“You dont need more TIME, you need more INTENSITY”
-Sebastien Lagree

Frequently asked questions

What is the Megaformer and the Lagree method?

The Megaformer is an intimidating looking machine first derived from the pilates reformer over 10 years ago and has been progressing ever since. HOWEVER, we do NOT do traditional Pilates on the Megaformer. Our method is called “Lagree” after the creator Sebastian Lagree, and it is STRENGTH TRAINING at a very slow, intense and controlled pace with no rest, yet no impact. The patented design of the Megaformer offers incredible functionality using spring loaded resistance, cables, side rails, carriage cut-outs, rotating handlebars and one killer bungee, which allow for hundreds of exercises in different positions to target every muscle group. You’ll do squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, twists, pikes, and lots and lots of plank variations that will challenge your core like never before!

But don’t be intimidated! Arrive early to your first class so your instructor can show you the bells and whistles and you’ll be a master of the Megaformer in no time!

What are the basics?

Each MEGAFORMER class is 45 minutes long. And each class will strengthen, tone and transform your whole body into a lean, mean Megaforming machine. Please arrive 10 minutes before class to check in and get comfortable. If you have never taken a Megaformer class before, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class so we can show you The Megaformer’s bells and whistles. If you do not arrive in time for your orientation and to sign a waiver, you may be turned away from class. Safety is a priority!

MegaHIIT classes bring some fast twitch and higher impact cardio to your 45 minutes! In between your muscle grouping Lagree blocks you’re in for 4 different 4-minute HIITS (High Intensity Interval Training) with exercises like mountain climbers, jump squats, high knees, jacks, bicycles, etc. This is high energy, fast, fun! Then back to the next muscle group on the Megaformer… Sneakers optional for HIIT but no shoes on the Megaformer please.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for class through either the SCHEDULE link or the SIGN UP/PRICING link at the top of the page. If you have any trouble please email us at info@transformfitnessmv.com or call 650-584-3465.

I'm not very active, will I survive a class?

Though our classes are intense, with a positive attitude (and a lot of sweat!) you’ll move from a beginner to a Transformer in no time. We encourage all new members to listen to their bodies.  Your instructor will offer plenty of modifications to make you feel successful yet still challenged. Class never gets “easier” but you will get better at it and get stronger with every class you attend!  If you have any injuries or you were recently or are currently pregnant, please inform your instructor before the start of class.

What should I wear to class? What should I bring to class?

Wear workout clothing that won’t restrict your range of motion. For hygienic and safety reasons, socks with gripping soles are recommended. If you forget your socks, don’t worry — you can buy a pair from the studio for just $14.  A water cooler is provided in studio, but please, no open water containers by your machine-we have a habit of kicking them over!   We provide towels to sop up that sweat ; )

Can I wait list for a class if it's full?

Yes!  Schedules change, so placing yourself on the wait list is the best way to get in to a full class. All of our classes offer a wait list option. Plus, wait listing helps us know where we need to add classes! If you place yourself on the wait list, you will receive a confirmation email if a spot opens up for you-up to 30 minutes before class, so keep checking! If you wait list yourself for a class, but later can no longer attend, please open the class up to the next person on the list by removing yourself from the wait list within your account. If you are added from the wait list and then late cancel or don’t show, you will be subject to our regular fees, so check your email often and be prepared to dash off to class!

What if I'm running late?

Please call the studio if you are running late. We allow members to drop in to classes without registering in advance if there are spaces open by the time class begins. Because of this, if you have not checked in within 3 minutes of the start of class, your space may be given away to a drop-in or someone on the wait list.

What if I have to CANCEL my class reservation?

We ask that you kindly make any cancellations at least 12 hours from the start of class. You can do so by following the cancellation link in the confirmation email you initially received, or by logging in to your account through the links above, going to your schedule, and canceling there.

LATE CANCEL: If you must cancel within 12 hours of the start of class, a $15 cancellation fee will be charged to your account. However, the class will be credited back to your account.  IN EFFECT FOR ALL CLASS AND PACKAGE TYPES INCLUDING UNLIMITED AND CONTRACTS.

NO-SHOW: If you fail to cancel within 12 hours and do not attend class, you will be charged a $25 no-show fee. You will also lose your previously scheduled class.  IN EFFECT FOR ALL CLASS AND PACKAGE TYPES INCLUDING UNLIMITED AND CONTRACTS.

How long is my package good for?

Single classes must be used within 1 month of purchase.

New Member Specials must be used one month from the first class you sign up for.

5-class packages must be used within 3 months after first use.

10-class packages must be used within 6 months after first use.

20-class packages must be used within one year after first use.

Monthly passes must be used within one month of their first use.

Please note all class purchases are non-refundable and nontransferable.

I'm obsessed, and now my friends want in. Do you have a referral policy?

We do! Bring a friend (or enemy) in to suffer with you. If they love it too and buy a package we’ll thank you both with an extra free class.  Simply have your friend email us at info@transformfitnessmv.com mentioning your name as their referral, and we’ll credit the free class to each of your accounts soon after.

I'm a broke college student, but I still want to work out. Do you have anything I can afford?

Yes! We love to see students staying strong and healthy, and we are happy to offer a 25% student discount! Please email us at info@transformfitnessmv.com, or call us at (650) 584-3465 to set up your student account and buy a class or package.  Valid only for enrolled students with a school-issued ID. Not valid on First Class Special or New Member Specials. Please bring your ID to class after purchasing a student class or package.

Do you have showers?

Unfortunately, no. But we do have body spray, lotions and face wash for you to freshen up.


Family members may share class packages of 5, 10 or 20 classes, but not monthly packages or contracts.

Each family member will still need their own log in and password to sign up. You can set up each account online, then please email the studio and we will connect your accounts for you!