Become an Instructor!

Get certified in the hottest form of fitness in the industry today!

  • Are you looking to expand your knowledge and practice of the Lagree Method?
  • Have you taken at least 20 Lagree Classes?
  • Are you obsessed with the method and your own personal results?
  • Are you excited to coach people of all levels of ability to perform their best?
  • Do have up-to-date CPR & First Aid Certification?
  • Do you value form, safety, efficiency, and overall experience in a workout?
  • Are you a team-player with a positive energy and attitude?


The official Lagree certification process teaches the instructor the exercise science that defines Sebastien Lagree’s unique training method. The instructor is taught the basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises as well as all the corrections to accommodate different body types and fitness level. The online videos, lectures and exercise labs offer knowledge in stabilization, alignment, muscle recruitment, appropriate speed, range and planes of motion as well as considerations for resistance, variations, modifications and progressions. Each participant will learn the goal of the exercise, muscle targets, verbal/tactile cues, body adjustments, and safety issues.

Certification not only focuses on the exercise science but also on the instructional skills, which is a vital component for the effectiveness and safety of each class. Teaching is an art that must be perfected through practice. Our mock training classes allow each participant to teach real classes and improve their teaching skills.

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