At Transform Fitness, our instructors are—quite literally—certified to kick your ass.


Jen has been active all her life, competing in running, skiing and cycling from a young age. It was only natural that she ended up pursuing a career in motivating others around her to be healthy and fit. As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Jen was always searching for new exercises and techniques to push her clients to achieve their goals.

“When I discovered The Megaformer and the Lagree Method, I knew I had found the perfect workout. The intensity and strength you build in just a 45 minute Megaformer class far surpasses any other 60 minute workout I’ve ever done. My body quickly became leaner, stronger and more efficient. I recently took 3 minutes off my best 10k race time and am looking forward to seeing how I perform at my next triathlon.”

Jen became so obsessed with the Lagree Method that she quickly became certified and knew that opening a Megaformer studio in Mountain View was the next transformation she had to make!

Head Trainer

Andrea is not your typical fitness instructor. She has always struggled with her weight, and during law school, reached nearly 200 pounds at just 5’2”. As an overweight couch potato who would rather eat than exercise, she barely made it through her first Lagree Fitness class – but found herself hooked on the Method and the life-changing results (ask to see her “before” photos!).

Andrea has been described as the “perfect combination of tough and warm”: in her class you can expect energy, humor, and plenty of personal attention to your form and progress. She loves to share her passion for Lagree Fitness with people at every level, from the most advanced to those who are brand new to fitness, since she intimately understands how hard the process can be.

Andrea looks forward to getting to know you and helping you reach your goals – mental, emotional, and physical.

Kat is a Bay Area born and raised California girl who loves to move. From yoga to indoor cycling to bootcamp to boxing and everything in between — there are truly many fun ways to move the body. But Kat realized none as efficient or effective as a 45 minute low impact yet high intensity heart pumping SWEATY strength balance & flexibility building session on the Lagree Megaformer.

She came across the Lagree method on Instagram following studios in NYC and Los Angeles. Curious about the hype, Kat finally caved and stepped into Jen’s class at Transform. Though super challenging and quite literally hurting every nook & cranny, it was love at first Plank 2 Pike. Fast forward two years, Kat continues to spread her love for all things Lagree!

Outside the studio, find Kat using her passion for food to feed the hungry & homeless, spending time slurping ramen with her husband & son and maaaaaaybe relaxing with a good glass of wine.

Leslie is a self-proclaimed “non-athlete” and never got attached to sports growing up. However, living in Los Angeles got her hooked to the fitness scene, and she instantly fell in love with the intense, yet low impact exercise that Lagree offered. She will tell you that the hardest workouts she has ever taken in her life have been under the guidance of master trainers like Ky Evans and Sebastien Lagree himself. After moving to the Bay area, Leslie decided to take the next step in becoming an instructor! By day, she teaches second grade for Palo Alto Unified, so it felt natural to extend her love of teaching to Transform Fitness.

In her spare time, Leslie loves hanging out with her golden retriever, her husband, and finding the best happy hours in town. She also enjoys traveling and learning more about our underwater world through scuba diving.

Bay Area local for more than 10 years, Juliet is an architect and loves to stay active when she is not designing. Juliet took her first Lagree Fitness class in 2012, and she’s been passionate about the method ever since. An intense workout, small group format, and attention to form are just a few of the things that keeps her coming back. Juliet is excited to share her enthusiasm for fitness with others through teaching. Her favorite Lagree moves are Scrambled Eggs and Mermaid because it’s improved her obliques – muscle definition that seemed impossible to gain before. Juliet’s personal motto is, “It never gets easier, but you will get stronger!

Andrea is a Chicago native and self-proclaimed pizza snob. She is a registered nurse by day, working in the the Medtech industry. She first discovered her love for Lagree (and fitness) in SoCal. Like many others, she wanted to lose weight and get fit, but her usual cardio routine wasn’t cutting it. The first time she tried Lagree, she could barely make it through her first class, but after a month into it, she immediately saw changes in not only her physical strength, but mental strength as well. 6 months later, she was down 3 sizes and in the best shape of her life! She has continued on her Lagree fitness journey as the workout consistently challenges her and makes her stronger both physically and mentally. The hardest part about Lagree is convincing your brain not to give up because “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will!”

Stephanie lives an active life with hobbies that include flying trapeze, yoga, and rock climbing. She took her first megaformer class at Transform Fitness, and became hooked on it as a great way to condition and build strength in a low impact manner. She loves how the Lagree method provides an intense and effective full body workout for people of all fitness levels, and how it continues to challenge her in every class she takes.
When Stephanie isn’t moonlighting as a fitness instructor, she works as a project manager in the tech industry. She’s excited to share her passion for fitness and to push you to sweat and shake for 45 minutes!

Jane has always liked her workouts to be both physically, as well as mentally challenging such as the martial arts.

A fellow instructor and friend introduced Jane to her first Lagree class where she learned various ways to push herself in each move, and quickly realized how challenging and beneficial the Lagree method can be.

“I love Lagree because I am constantly pushing myself to the point where I want to take a break, go easy, or quit, but when I commit to each move and push through, I truly learn how strong I am.”

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned athlete, Jane’s classes will challenge you to push through achieving both your physical and mental goals.

Jane works full time in tech and is pursuing her MBA at UCLA Anderson. In addition to Lagree she trains in Muay Thai, CrossFit, rock climbs and participates in obstacle races around the country.

Nina first stumbled upon the Lagree Fitness Method in 2012 and after one session, she was completely hooked! Every session left her feeling stronger, empowered, and accomplished. She loves the fact that in just a short 45 minutes, the megaformer machine improves muscle strength, endurance, balance/flexibility, cardio, and body composition – all at once! When the opportunity came to become certified at Transform Fitness Studio, she couldn’t think of a better way to share her love of this workout with you, and help transform your body, mind, and spirit into the best version of yourself!

Nina comes from a non-traditional fitness background. By day, she works as a marketing professional in the tech industry and has an MBA from UCLA Anderson. She understands how difficult it is to carve out time to invest in one’s health. So, she’s committed to making her classes fun, supportive, and challenging. Nina believes in “Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal”. She will be your motivator, supporter, and cheerleader. After all, “the body achieves what the mind believes!”

Fifth grade teacher by day and fitness instructor by night! Suzie loves teaching and fitness so it made sense to combine her two passions into one. Suzie grew up in Southern California and she stumbled upon the megaformer when she moved up to the bay area in 2012. She was so delighted to find a workout regimen that challenged her physically and mentally. The workout pushed her beyond her comfort zone and felt stronger after every class. The megaformer hit both cardio and strength training at the same time and she got a great workout in under an hour. Not only did she find a a class that stimulated her every single time, she found a lifestyle of health and fitness.

In her spare time, she can be found training for marathons while running around the bay. She also enjoys taking Aerial Silks classes, but not to worry! She isn’t running away to join the circus yet!

Until Jessica found her way into a Lagree studio she was her orthopedic surgeon’s favorite client. Riddled with injuries from decades of competitive volleyball and basketball, she needed a no-impact way to gain back her strength. In just three short months of megaformer madness, her joints were transformed and she gave the surgeon’s knife a proper farewell donkey kick.

Jess was so enthusiastic about the magic of the Megaformer that she jumped (slowly and under constant tension;) at the chance to become Lagree certified and share her success with others. Try one of her famously formidable classes for yourself and you’ll be breaking barriers in no time!

Kelly is a Bay Area native who fell in love with Lagree upon moving back to South Bay after College. Her first fitness passion was indoor cycling and she has found Lagree to be the perfect method for cross-training with Spin. The high level of effectiveness within a short 45 minutes class, where she truly feels every muscle in her body being worked is what keeps her hooked. She loves how much she could truly see and feel the improvement week to week when first starting to train on the machine. Her favorite Lagree saying is – Embrace the Shake!

In her free time she likes to go backpacking/camping, practice some hoop dance tricks, and seek out unique hole-in-the-wall type restaurants. Her favorites to “serve on her platter” are sushi, ice cream, and cucumber mojitos.

Rory has lived in the Bay Area for eight years working as a UI/UX designer. After enduring years of upper back and neck pain, a physical therapist recommended that he take up some form of regular, core-strengthening exercise. Rory took his first Megaformer class at Transform Fitness and quickly realized that this was just the workout he needed. Lagree is an incredibly intense workout that continually challenges yet is low impact and safe. Rory approached the Lagree method with one goal: to get in shape. He lost 40lbs in the process and now seeks to share with others why Lagree is so awesomely effective.

Jen is a former triathlete who loved the burn but hated the high impact and injuries from running. She stumbled across Megaformer in 2014 and was instantly hooked by the challenging and unique workout.
Jen’s favorite part of Megaformer is that it’s never boring and that it targets so many muscle groups in just 45 minutes!

Jen got certified when she realized she loved introducing Megaformer to all of her friends, family and coworkers. Her favorite moves are Teaser and Plank to Pike – the littlest movements make a big difference! When Jen isn’t teaching at Transform, she’s rock climbing, playing board games, or exploring new parks with her husband and daughter.

New to the Bay Area, Alex moved with her husband here from Nashville and quickly found the nearest Lagree studio to her. Loving this method for over 3 years, Alex was a traveling surgical tech, finding a studio everywhere her new contract was. Thinking it was time for a change and stepped away from the medical field, Alex started teaching! Loving the method herself and wants each workout to kick your butt each time, as that is what she loved about it and kept her coming back. This workout is unlike any other workout out there, shaking is changing! Alex loves putting as much core as possible in your 45 min workout!!

Alex’s other interest include traveling anytime she can, spending time with her friends and family and trying new restaurants, sushi being her favorite!

Kaylee spends her days monetizing large websites for one of Silicon Valleys largest tech giants. While she loves the tech industry, she’s discovered a new passion for teaching Lagree! After trying every workout in the book and not loving any of them – Kaylee stumbled upon her first Lagree class 5 years ago and was instantly hooked. After years of being a dedicated student, she decided to take her passion for Lagree to the next level and start teaching.

Her classes aim to be light hearted but challenging. Clients of all levels will find themselves shaking and sweating while straightening and toning during her 45 minutes of fun!

Ceana is a Bay Area native and is a self-professed workoutaholic. As a mother of 3 kids she realized the importance of physical fitness after her body and strength changed drastically from her pregnancies.  She poured herself into fitness trying everything from Yoga to CrossFit.

Always up for a challenge and new experience she tried her very first Lagree class at Transform Fitness. She came home telling her husband it was one of the hardest workouts she had ever done!

She stays dedicated to Lagree because despite injuries from various activities she is always able to get a good workout. She has also seen huge improvements in both her strength and endurance.

Ceana decided to be a trainer not only because she is passionate about physical fitness but she wants to inspire others and help them achieve their goals.  In addition to training in Lagree she also spends time in MMA conditioning, boxing and self-defense.  She aims to have her classes be fun, positive and challenging!

Cat has been known to take her love for physical activity to the extreme. From running almost weekly half marathons to waking up at 4:00 am for sunrise surf sessions, Cat has had a desire for constant movement, challenge, and improvement. Yet despite hours and hours of exercise, she never felt satisfied with her results — until her very first Lagree class.

Cat instantly fell in love with the quaking, shaking, one-of-a-kind burn that is Lagree. After just three weeks of classes, not only did she feel immensely stronger, but she saw her muscles develop into the lengthened, leaner muscles she always desired. Seeing such drastic changes through this endlessly challenging, insanely efficient method quickly turned Cat into a Lagree devotee!

After working in the Emergency Department and being accepted to medical school, Cat realized she wanted to pursue her lifelong love of fitness and her newfound Lagree obsession by becoming an instructor. She wants her students to see the world of opportunity Lagree offers and hopes to inspire others to pursue passion, health, and happiness. Outside of the studio, you can catch Cat petting every dog in sight and psyching herself up for the cold NorCal surf!